Support the Game

If you would like to support the development of Quaver, you can do so by donating. By purchasing a donator subscription, you get a few extra perks that are meant to make the game a bit more enjoyable.

Reasons to donate:
  • Support The Developers
    The developers of Quaver create this project out of pure love and passion for the game.
  • Help Paying For Server Costs
    Although Quaver is a free game, it costs quite a bit to keep it up and running. The cost to run increases as more players join the game.
  • No Ads
    Quaver does not have ads anywhere on our website or in-game and never will.
  • Tournament Prize Pools
    We'd love to be able to give back to the players by providing prize pool money for tournaments.
  • Music Artist Licenses
    To provide more official & licensed content such as bundled tracks and contest music, most music artists require license fees.

Leaderboards On Every Map

View and compete on leaderboards for any map even it is unranked or unsubmitted.

These scores do not count towards global rankings however.

Profile Customizables

You're able to customize your profile banner and add an "about me" section.

Country & Friend Rankings

View in-game leaderboards specific to your country and friends.
Spectating Multiplayer Matches

You can right click a multiplayer match to spectate it.

In-game Chat Badge

It also comes with an exclusive profile badge and in-game chat color.

Username Changes

Don't like your current name? You get the ability to change your username once a month.

Real-time Online Scoreboards

You can play with replays of other players' scores in real-time.

Increased Upload Slots

You can upload 12 unranked mapsets per month instead of 10.

Multiplayer Map Uploads

Have an unsubmitted map and want to share with others in multiplayer? You can do so in just a few clicks.

Discord Server Role

If you’re a member of our Discord server, you have the ability to get an exclusive donator role.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You will lose access to all features including profile customizables when your time expires.

No. Donator subscriptions are non-refundable. Any chargebacks will result in either a revert in your perks or in the worst case, a ban.

Yes, Steam will add a tax upon our base subscription price.

Because Quaver is a Steam game, Valve takes 30% of all revenue that we make. In order to make sure that we can still keep our servers alive, our prices are a bit higher.

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