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Denied For Rank 0/2 Supervisor Votes
Created by: Fingerhurt
Submitted: 7 months ago
Last updated: 7 months ago
Source: https://soundcloud.com/lyfer-riusu/lyfer-out-of-place
Speedcore, Chillcore, Lyfer!, Godzilla,
ERA Jungle
Ranking Supervisor
4 months ago

- Soundcloud link is not a valid source make it "Friday Night Monster Of Monsters Madden Attack" - Title should be "HAV0X (Out Of Place Instrumental)" -Artist should be Lyfer vs. Ivan - BPM is just 205bpm as well as the fact that you have not needed timing points. - missing a 16th after 24492|2 - The burst at 28907|1 is way too hard compared to the rest of the map - same goes with 38224|4 (You do this burst alot more but the point is that its way too dense for how difficult the rest of the map is as well as the fact that its basically unplayable because of how fast it is same goes with 55954|1 but now its even faster and even then you have stuff like 76004|3 where its the same sound but not mapped the same) - the 2 LNs at 56760|4 and 57053|3 are way too early - 99785|2,99785|3 this section doesnt need to be jacks - 132273|1 this entire section is snapped incorrectly and is early - 150419|3 again this burst does not flow well at all and adds needless difficulty that does not match the rest of the map - 167321|4 this burst is just not playable for how difficult the rest of the map is - Overall you need to double check sources and make sure the map has consistent ideas and patterns as well as has patterns that match the difficulty of the rest of the maps.

ERA Jungle
Ranking Supervisor
4 months ago

I have just denied this mapset from being ranked. Please fix the listed errors and resubmit in 2 weeks.