Move Me
Kohta Takahashi

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Denied For Rank 0/2 Supervisor Votes
Created by: rad dragon
Submitted: about 1 year ago
Last updated: about 1 year ago
Source: Ridge Racer Type 4
R4, dnb, jungle, breakcore
Ranking Supervisor
9 months ago

map is really inconsistent on what it's trying to represent, switching from streams to chordjack seemingly arbitrarily, 1/8th bursts feels lackluster and just doesn't fit the sounds it's supposed to be mapped to I can see the concept, but the execution needs more work, not ready for rank just now yeah sorry for the 6 month wait for this disappointment that is me checking this map and denying it very sorry

Ranking Supervisor
9 months ago

I have just denied this mapset from being ranked. Please fix the listed errors and resubmit in 2 weeks.