Go To The Big City
Tsukiri, Niang Donglong

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Denied For Rank 0/2 Supervisor Votes
Created by: BaddestDragon
Submitted: 6 months ago
Last updated: 3 months ago
Source: n/a
ゴー・トゥ・大都会, 月裏, ニャン・トンロン(娘 東龍), GUMI, Go To Daitokai, Japanese, Vocaloid, DraterTD
Ranking Supervisor
about 1 month ago

All visual no gameplay, missing a lot of the representation, filled with uncomfortable patterns. A thrilling 30 seconds of this map is the same pattern copypasted. While this is an interesting weird pattern challenge, i dont think its suitable to be ranked.

Ranking Supervisor
about 1 month ago

I have just denied this mapset from being ranked. Please fix the listed errors and resubmit in 2 weeks.