Reverse Rehab
Rebelion & Garra

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Denied For Rank 0/2 Supervisor Votes
Created by: DerRoteVogel
Submitted: 6 months ago
Last updated: 5 months ago
Source: la rebelion
rawstyle, uptempo, frenchcore, hardstyle, hardcore, overdose, the first dose, the second dose, the digital dose, supremacy,
Mike Tyson
Ranking Supervisor
2 months ago

My ears are bleeding

Ranking Supervisor
about 1 month ago

the map is way too straightforward executed that 29619 fade out built up somehow ignored and went misrepresentations to the song including 44689 and 53619 part, you could recheck those missnapped parts like 49991 (should be at 1/3) etc.

Ranking Supervisor
about 1 month ago

I have just denied this mapset from being ranked. Please fix the listed errors and resubmit in 2 weeks.