sink to the deep sea world

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Denied For Rank 0/2 Supervisor Votes
Created by: RexTEEF
Submitted: 2 months ago
Last updated: 2 months ago
Source: n/a
Chipbreak, Jumpstream, Electronic, Instrumental
Ranking Supervisor
2 days ago

While I do think you have a solid grasp of your ideas here, the execution is too poor for me to excuse. The way you handle the patterning during 77676 is alright up until you start shifting the streams in a way that doesn't really sync up with the music that well. Sure the jumps themselves line up but the pitch changes don't and it makes it feel off. There are also a lot of instances where the density of your chords is a bit much as well, like for instance 42649. Having the patterning here be this dense doesn't really make sense for this section and you'd be better off making it light jumpstream to fit the structure of the chart. Generally speaking though the chart needs major reconstruction in a lot of sections for the aforementioned reasons and more thought put into density and patterning before I can confidently rank this

Ranking Supervisor
2 days ago

I have just denied this mapset from being ranked. Please fix the listed errors and resubmit in 2 weeks.