Hi, you may not know, or maybe you do, maybe you know me as "that guy who likes SV" or maybe "that guy who held me in a hostage situation for 37hours until he converted me to the SV cult" both of which work as an answer, but to everyone I know, I am KGB Official, an SV player. I'm a firm Christian who enjoys almost all music, and I am currently in 11th grade! I play piano and make music too, but I'm not here to promote music, I'm here to promote SV. Also check out my brother Qweet25:

Top 500 players reached: 5/2/2022 /// Top 400 players reached: 6/22/2022 /// Top 350 players reached: 7/17/2022 /// Top 325 players reached 7/19/2022 /// Top 314 players reached 8/26/2022 /// Top 292 players reached 9/26/2022 /// Top 291 players reached 10/22/2022 /// Top 282 players reached 11/7/2022 /// Top 276 players reached 2/7/2023 ///

I'm always open to mapping suggestions, so if you have a song in mind don't hesitate to request it to my discord!