Angry Birds Theme (PHONK HOUSE Remix)

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Created by: KGB Official
Submitted: 8 months ago
Last updated: 6 days ago
Source: n/a
sv, scroll velocity, mobile games, phonk, 808 cowbell, reading, bad piggies, red
Ranking Supervisor
7 days ago

I feel that the jump in difficulty from normal to hard is a bit much. also with the sv on hard i think it might be a bit on the hard side for a hard difficulty. i'd suggest bumping hard up to an insane and making a new hard difficulty that fits inbetween top diff and normal

Ranking Supervisor
7 days ago

I have just put this mapset on hold, which means that minor issues have been found in the mapset and we are waiting for a fix with a map update. Please fix the listed errors and update the mapset.

KGB Official
6 days ago

made a filler difficulty, I'm not sure if its an appropriate gap, but I'm feeling particularly uninspired today lol