4k Nanahira Map Pack

PianoLuigi's 4k Nanahira Pack! This pack includes all of my ...

Created by PianoLuigi

Deglingod Paquetage 1

Dumb dump files inc "The rating is completly broken in this ...

Created by Cunu

Love Live Pack

A pack consisting of all the Love Live maps I made. The map...

Created by Fretzi

IceDynamix Chordjacks

Contains all jack-focused maps/dumps by IceDynamix

Created by IceDynamix

Sinaeb's Quaver Tournament Pool

Mappool used for SQT Need a way to add notes to maps For mor...

Created by Sinaeb

IceDynamix Blizzard Pack

Contains a selection of my maps, ranging anywhere from Mediu...

Created by IceDynamix

Quaver Ranked Map Pack

Every ranked map in Quaver packed into a single playlist.

Created by Swan

4k Monogatari Map Pack

Find a ton of opening song from the fantastic Monogatari ser...

Created by PianoLuigi

4k SV Map Pack

This pack contains a nice bunch of SV oriented 4k maps by Pi...

Created by PianoLuigi


Never play these maps for any other purpose than to farm QR ...

Created by loafusofbread

4K Jumpstream Training Pack

Collection of jumpstream maps uploaded to Quaver

Created by Swan

Janko's burger maps

Most of my maps that I managed to complete during my several...

Created by Janko

Chordstream and brackets!

A selection of ranked chordstreams and bracket charts rangin...

Created by Sadcat

Favorite Songs

Collection of all the songs I like to play in Quaver.

Created by AiAe

4K Beginner Pack

New to the game? Play these maps!

Created by Swan

Absurd charting for absurd people.

A collection of "Dump"y charts. Work in progress, new charts...

Created by Lights

~basic bops~ Vol. 1

The start of my mapping career. Various 4K maps of various d...

Created by Milky

Antori's Maps

This Map Pool only includes re-uploads (and maybe even offic...

Created by Fireable