4K Chordjack Playlist

death (all ranked chordjack files)

Created by Cuckson

Hermann's 121 4k ranked Chord jack and Speed jacks

It's a 121 ranked 4k speed jack and cord jakcs play list

Created by Hermann

Favorite Songs

Collection of all the songs I like to play in Quaver!

Created by AiAe

Fred's Favorite songs/maps

basically, my favorite music that i randomly found here (wil...

Created by Fred YT012345

Subtlr's Streams

Yes the cover is my face, this playlist contains all my maps...

Created by Subtlr

Must have

I must download deeZ

Created by MyKyBoardisHard

i like these songs :]

i do indeed like these songs !

Created by undefinedtrash

boge's warmup pack


Created by boje


Created by Fruitlooop

Storn's GDs

Here are all my maps on sets hosted by other people

Created by Storn


my personal favourites. mostly ranked and 4k but there are a...

Created by aya

fnf Shaggy x Matt recharted

A 4k chart for the og mod and some fanmade songs in the futu...

Created by ShawKhanDeezNut

what??? [SV/LN (+ Weird Charting) PLAYLIST]

A Playlist that contains maps that either contain SVs that I...

Created by B0ii

Ainer's LN maps

collection of LN maps that i made

Created by Iuregushi

my good sv maps

sv maps i made that i find decent (mabye biased?)

Created by entauri

7K Jack Practice

My maps with jacks

Created by Fullest7K

7K Bracket Practice

My maps with bracket patterns

Created by Fullest7K

Maps that i like

The title says everything.

Created by Flur

cool maps

Created by tda