4K Jumpstream Training Pack

Collection of jumpstream maps uploaded to Quaver

Created by Swan

Janko's burger maps

Most of my maps that I managed to complete during my several...

Created by Janko

Chordstream and brackets!

A selection of ranked chordstreams and bracket charts rangin...

Created by Sadcat

bruh jacks

Created by Rashod

Farming Maps

Maps for you to farm easy points for your profile

Created by Purl


Created by BrokenGale


Created by BrokenGale


Created by asfasdf

Dan ~ reform ~ EXTRA

This dan is a fan made dan by me, one day I may actually com...

Created by M2kopter



Created by contrl

Striiker's mapsets pushing for ranked

It's my maps, that's it.

Created by Striiker

Official Quaver 4K Tournament: Round of 64

Maps picked for the Round of 64 stage in Quaver's first 4k O...

Created by [ Scarlet Red ]



Created by Vysion

4k Nanahira Map Pack

PianoLuigi's 4k Nanahira Pack! This pack includes all of my ...

Created by PianoLuigi

Deglingod Paquetage 1

Dumb dump files inc "The rating is completly broken in this ...

Created by Cunu

Love Live Pack

A pack consisting of all the Love Live maps I made. The map...

Created by Fretzi

IceDynamix Chordjacks

Contains all jack-focused maps/dumps by IceDynamix

Created by IceDynamix

Raveille LN Maps

Going to be uploading some of my best LN maps from osu!mania...

Created by Raveille