Temptation Stairway (Waltz Variation)

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Created by: KGB Official
Submitted: 7 months ago
Last updated: 11 days ago
Source: n/a
sv, scroll velocity, ena, joel g, wierdcore, webcore, electronic, mooney, dream bbq, stream, dense hs, runas, modchart, slider velocity, picasso, girl before a mirror, turron, glitchcore
Ranking Supervisor
13 days ago

quick metadata check: Top diff name is way to long. keep it at a reasonable length upper limit being 20-30 characters hs is mentioned twice in tags. you can remove just the single hs. Unsure why hybrid is mentioned in the tags since this map contains no ln's could add glitchcore to the tags since thats mentioned on bandcamp

Ranking Supervisor
13 days ago

I have just put this mapset on hold, which means that minor issues have been found in the mapset and we are waiting for a fix with a map update. Please fix the listed errors and update the mapset.

KGB Official
11 days ago

yo mapping while eating cold onion rings goes hard. highly recommend