The Violation
Fleshgod Apocalypse

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Created by: Albinus
Submitted: 4 months ago
Last updated: 3 months ago
Source: Agony
Symphonic Technical Brutal Death Metal, Metal, Death metal, Stream, Jump stream, Hand stream, Jack, Chordjack, Handjack, Quad, Expert, Extreme
ERA Jungle
Ranking Supervisor
7 days ago

- 89718|3,89718|1,89718|2 what is this hand to thats like my only problem

ERA Jungle
Ranking Supervisor
7 days ago

I have just put this mapset on hold, which means that minor issues have been found in the mapset and we are waiting for a fix with a map update. Please fix the listed errors and update the mapset.

7 days ago

Slowing down to like 0.75x i hear a cymbal (sorry i forgot the name of the specific part of the drum kit?) hit, its subtle but i hear it and thought it was an appropriate moment for a hand. I felt like it went well with the next hand at -90052|1,90052|2,90052|4