Waxing and Wanding

Created by: TDHJames
Submitted: 11 months ago
Last updated: 8 months ago
Source: BeatMania IIDX 13 Distorted
Dance Speed, BeatMania IIDX, 青龍, ryu
BPM: 191
Length: 1:54
Passes/Fails: 38 / 11

Waxing and Wanding by 青龍

From BeatMania IIDX 13 Distorted's Cardinal Gate Song Collection.
A long version of the song is available on the bonus Cardinal Gate Conclusion pack.

Song info:
Title: waxing and wanding
Artist: 青龍
Composition/Arrangement: Seiryu
BPM: 191
Length: 2:05
Genre: DANCE SPEED (could not find any info about this genre)

I recharted all of the difficulties. The new chart should be a lot more better however it made the charts a bit more difficult ( im looking at you "Insane" ). Hopefully the new chart is a lot more better than the old chart.

Difficulty Info:
Hard: Easiest difficulty. Has some very complex patterns but they are short.
Insane: Normal difficulty. Chords and Hands are the most prevalent pattern in this chart.
Another: Hardest difficulty. I wouldn't call the patterns "complex" but it should be difficult enough given the high bpm.

mapped and playtested by me

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