Chicken Beatbox Remix

Created by: TDHJames
Submitted: 10 months ago
Last updated: 10 months ago
Source: Youtube
Meme, Chicken BeatBox, Rooster BeatBox, Remix, NetluMemes, Electronic, SV, Short Song , Stamina, Technical, Light Jumpstream, Dense Jumpstream
BPM: 140
Length: 0:48
Passes/Fails: 82 / 61

Chicken BeatBox Remix by Netlu

A remixed version of the TikTok meme of a BeatBox with a rooster. (Original Video)
The original audio comes from a completely different TikTok video. (Original Video)
Song Remix made by Netlu a.k.a NetluMemes. (Original Video)

Song info:
Title: Chicken BeatBox Remix
Artist: Netlu
Composition/Arrangement: NetluMemes, cosbelleonorleono (Original Audio)
BPM: 140
Length: 0:50
Genre: Electronic

Mapper Commentary:
"Made a short chart of a song I found off Youtube because yes. This map only contains one chart that has a rating of 20. This is also the first song where I've utilized SV. Before then I would experiment with SV but this is the first chart that actually utilizes SV. Don't worry, the SV is just a slight increase of scroll speed and decrease of scroll speed at the end of the song."

mapped and playtested by me

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