Flight of the Sapphire Dragon
Twilight Force

Created by: TweekFan
Submitted: 10 months ago
Last updated: 5 months ago
Source: Heroes of Mighty Magic (2016)
Rock, Power Metal, Symphonic Power Metal, Powerful, Symphonic, Metal, chordjack, cj, handstream, hs
BPM: 170
Length: 5:35
Passes/Fails: 5 / 11


So behold, a flight of the Sapphire Dragon,
Soaring through the skies, once again..

08/21/23: Noticed that beginning of 2nd and 3rd chorus had no drum sound and was a triple; had to make it a double
08/24/23: Reworked patterns on the solo section so they're easier to pass. (Added a singular tiny LN to the last chorus section, as well as changed some break pattern as of recent)

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