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Source: vignette
full album, technical, hardcore, ambient, edm, electro, forecor, 2213, nsvp, so shrimple, guise, paraxia, amanda, archaic84, agmon blynkos, spoopy, inpossiblepro,
BPM: 160
Length: 64:54
Passes/Fails: 0 / 9

Thanks to everyone who participated, and special thanks to Guise & Paraxia for helping around the project and behind the scenes.
This is art, and I am very proud of everyone.


Song List:
Absolute Zero - so shrimple
I Can't Even Remember My Own Name - so shrimple
memoryfactory.lzh - Paraxia
Jam With Pancake - Guise
dimensionalize nervous breakdown - so shrimple
wing - Amanda
Vigor Lines Yoked - Spoopy
Ничто - inpossiblepro21
lost in new blankness - Guise
My Capacitance - Guise
Salmiakki - Paraxia / so shrimple / Agmon Blynkos
24eeev0-$ - Paraxia
Great Fury of Heaven - so shrimple
Flashbacklog - Paraxia
Mdrqnxtagon - Paraxia
swallow SMOKE - Guise
dropdead - Guise
END OF SYSTEM - Archaic84 / so shrimple / Paraxia
偽物 - Guise
from the haze of our ragged hypoxias - so shrimple

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