Ruckus [Voiid Chronicles]
LordVoiid 虚空 & singular_m16

Created by: ShawKhanDeezNut
Submitted: 6 months ago
Last updated: 4 months ago
Source: FNF: Voiid Chronicles
FNF, Matt, Voiid
BPM: 210
Length: 3:16
Passes/Fails: 192 / 139

Second song from the first wiik.
This song is easily my favorite from the first wiik and is arguably a top 3 from the entire mod (so far), I really enjoyed charting and listening to this despite how confusing some vocals were.
Have fun playing and vibing :D

smol update: misplaced a note so I changed that and a pattern that I didn't like, that is it (28th of october)

The entire mod recharted:

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