That Poppy

Created by: Moca Loca
Submitted: 3 months ago
Ranked: 2 months ago
Source: Bubblebath
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BPM: 132
Length: 2:38
Passes/Fails: 4 / 115

altar is perfectly fine in my opinion, the long jack fits well and the layering is consistent
Basically what Altar is:
In the chorus of altar there is long jacks, followed by doubles which makes a minijack then transitions into a long jack.
The doubles are used to when the singer has said a word, which is mostly in the middle of when a long jack should be playing, so that long jack is broken up into a mini jack.
To avoid making the map too dense, I added the minijack cause it is still dense, but not too dense, and playing nothing but long jacks can get very repetitive and boring fast. So thats another reason they are broken up into minijacks.
Did I wrote a whole thing saying why Altars long jacks work? Yes. Give me reddit karma now.

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