Golden Cross (Extended Remix)
DJ Remo-con Vs DJ TAKA

Created by: CordingWater6
Submitted: over 2 years ago
Last updated: over 2 years ago
Source: Rhetoric
154, SVs, Remix, Happy Hardcore, Yoshitaka
BPM: 154
Length: 2:55
Passes/Fails: 3 / 34

Golden Cross 2: Golden harder. At least I don't have to spend 20 minutes making a BG when I can just reuse one I've already made. Every 3 days I will be adding another minute onto the map, so that way it can be finished before 2022. And so I don't burn myself out making the map.

Next Update: December 22nd 2021.

Map 6 of my own SV collection.

Map 1: DJ Remo-con Vs DJ Taka - Golden Cross

Map 2: Mark Govenor & Glenn Nishida - Stadium Rave (A)

Map 3: DJ Witch Girl Miracle - Raitosupiido

Map 4: Ido B Zooki - Katana II

Map 5: KaTT, Script, Underscores, Tsukii, Shivan, Death Grips - The beast I worship (Cut ver.)

Map 6: DJ Remo-con Vs DJ Taka - Golden Cross (Extended Remix) WIP

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