Tra La La La
Laszlo Bencker & Leslie Mandoki

Created by: SyncdeathWyvern
Submitted: 8 months ago
Last updated: 5 days ago
Source: Hip Hop Hooray
Sonoton Music, Electronic, HipHop, Tech, Technical, Instrumental
BPM: 140
Length: 2:17
Passes/Fails: 4 / 1

Mapset #3

(Tech & Jacks)

(UPDATE) - 1st map for rank? -

A new mapset with a catchy song!

I found this song in a Roblox game and liked it so much, so I made a mapset out of it!

Update: I buffed Dancing Expert lol

Hope y'all enjoy!

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Laszlo Bencker
Leslie Mandoki

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